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With almost 100 employees, Sproing is Austria‘s leading game developer and since early 2014, a game publisher as well. As one of the foremost independent studios focused on the creation of multi-platform games, we have successfully shipped around 60 retail games on all major platforms. In 2010 we began leveraging that experience to become a major creator of Free-to-Play games. Following the release of our first self-published game “Asterix & Friends”, we are working on three other projects at the moment, including an as-yet unannounced AAA Free-to-Play game for a top tier publisher.


Our work is based on
3 principles:


Surviving in a jungle with a broken arm is easier than running a development studio in the games industry for over a decade. We have been able to grow thanks to our knowledge of the industry environment. That’s more valuable than a machete most of the time.


Creativity comes from thinking differently. We have people from 15 countries working here at Sproing. That huge variety of background and cultures helps us to break out of established patterns and come up with truly innovative ideas. Not to mention the creativity it takes to communicate in all those different languages!


Just like fun, quality is very subjective. And while finding a definitive answer is impossible, we've gained great insight through working with publishers from all over the world. This has given us a deep understanding what quality is, and how to achieve it. It has also brought us close to many reliable partners – and built up a lot of bonus miles!

Our History
Where we come from:

Sproing was founded in 2001 by Harald Riegler and Gerhard Seiler, two industry veterans that were developing games together in the 1990s and still own the company today. In around 15 years we made quite a track-record including 55 boxed games reaching from prosperous “Moorhuhn”-Games to the multi-platform-success “Schlag den Raab” and the Wii Horror-game “Cursed Mountain.”

We’re still an independent studio, located in the beautiful city of Vienna in the heart of Austria.



Our focus switched in the last few years from boxed games to the exciting world of high class Free-2-Play games like “Skyrama” or “Silent Hunter Online”. We are still interested in “Work for hire”-projects, which made us the experienced and internationally successful developer we are today, but we also work on some own IPs and publish the great F2P-game “Asterix&Friends”. And there are some other projects we are working on but unfortunately we’re not allowed to talk about them at the moment.




One thing we want to point out, because we’re very proud of, is the fact that we use our own engine called Athena 2. It is 100% native, built in C++ to be modular and portable. It is augmented by 3rd party middleware, improved gradually with a slim dedicated budget (in part from government subsidies), and with every new project.

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The Management
Leading the Company

portrait of the CEO harald riegler
Harald Riegler
portrait of the COO johanna schober
Johanna Schober

Harald is responsible for business development, creative direction, legal and finance. Originally Harald started off as a programmer and a musician, and grew the studio to it's current size from day one.

Harald is a frequent speaker at industry events, is a board member of GAME, and helped found the European Game Developer Federation EGDF.
He is also advisory board member for several industry events.

Johanna is responsible for studio operations, process development, growth and team management. She joined Sproing in 2003 and worked as a Project Manager and Development Director before assuming her current role in 2011. Johanna studied at FH Salzburg and holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship.

portrait of the assistant to ceo and coo tanja goenye
Tanja Gönye
Assistant to CEO / COO

Tanja is the assistant to Johanna and Harald and our Head of Administration responsible for questions related to the managing directors or the company.

portrait of business development manager peter wutzl
Peter Wutzl
Business Development

Peter is responsible for presenting our ideas to our clients and is a direct link to our upper management.

portrait of lead concept designer christoph quas
Christoph Quas
Lead Concept Designer

Christoph is our Lead Concept Designer and will talk to our clients as soon as the project asks for creativity.

portrait of finance manager livia bammer
Livia Bammer
Finance Manager

Livia answers any questions related to money, bills or calculation.