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an artwork of the game cursed mountain

Cursed Mountain

In the late 1980's, on a mountain called Chomolonzo deep in the Himalayas, climber Frank Simmons vanishes whilst searching for an ancient artifact.

The search for your brother

Assume the role of Eric Simmons on a rescue mission through the world to unravel the whereabouts of his missing brother and the mystery of the Cursed Mountain.

Immerse yourself in a fascinating story and enter the Bardo – the intermediate stage one passes through between death and rebirth. Find a way to defeat the ancient curse that makes the souls of the people who died in that region stuck in Limbo; caught in the Shadow World.
Find out what really happened on the Cursed Mountain

Deep Silver
Release date
August 2009
Cursed Mountain

Key Features

  • Survival-Horror
    The game was designed exclusively for the Nintendo Wii to show its potential for realistic, adult games.
  • Stunning graphics
    State-of-the-art graphics for the Nintendo Wii. Rich environments and breathtaking vistas totally immerse you in the Cursed Mountain experience.
  • Intuitive controls
    Integrated use of both the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers throughout the entire game.
  • Great story
    Learn the dark tales of the many locations through visions from the Bardo. A deeply layered story inspired by ancient Buddhist traditions.

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