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Drone Champions Game

Reality is expanding to another dimension!

Drone races are the new trend sport in Europe. The first stop of the Drone Champions League was the latest event. 40 of the world’s best drone pilots guided their racecopters along a fascinating backdrop of mountains in Reutte, Tirol at up to 140 km/h.

The qualifiers for a real event will be starting in the virtual Drone Champions Game. This will be an opportunity for the general population to enter drone sports and feature a virtual league as a way of qualifying for the real-life event.

Reality blends into the virtual world: The ultimate drone action

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Drone Champions League
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Key Features

  • Flight simulation
    Experience the fascination of drone racing live from the cockpit thanks to an ultra-realistic flight simulation.
  • Train your skills
    Train your skills in the game so you learn how to fly a real drone.
  • Virtual reality
    The entire action can also take place in 3D through VR goggles!
  • Competition
    Vanquish other pilotes in breathtaking races
  • Real and created locations
    Some of the locations in the game, like Reutte, are real drone-racing-parcours. Others were made by our designers.
  • Experience
    We work with the best drone pilots to make the game as real as reality.

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