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Mountain Sports

Not only because we’re from Austria we had to do a Sports game like this.

Mountain Sports lets gamers of all ages slide and carve their way to victory at the Winter Sports festival. The thrilling outdoor activities include skiing, snowboarding, sledding, tube-racing, bobsledding, curling and biathlon.

All of the sports except curling give players the option to hop on the Wii Balance Board for intuitive fun – sit on the board to navigate the slippery bobsled course, or turn the board sideways and go for big air on the slopestyle snowboarding event! Or use the Wii Remote to outmaneuver and blast past the competition.

Pick your character and customize their looks and outfit before embarking on your career or play with your friends and beat them in single races and custom tournaments.

Release date
October 2009

Key Features

  • 7 different full-length sports
    Including skiing, snowboarding, sledding, tubing, bobsledding, curling and biathlon.
  • 22 different tracks
    A varity of tracks and challenges.
  • 3 Game Modes
    Career – single player; Quick Play – play any sport, anywhere; Multiplayer – play against 2-4 friends in any event.
  • Choose your character
    Play as either male/female or create your own customized athlete.
  • Balance Board support
    Experience 6 out of 7 sports on the Wii™ balance board.

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