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Schlag den Raab

We have created two games (the second and third one) based on the hit German game show of the same name.

More questions, more games and more fun. Schlag den Raab – Das 2. Spiel once again promises the best in entertainment, whether you challenge Stefan Raab alone in Show mode, or play with up to eight friends in the new Team mode.

Beat Stefan Raab
Brush up your knowledge of the Highway Code in the “Driving Test Quiz”, cover a certain distance within the time limit in “Time Trials” or shoot blind in “Shoot”. The 25 famous games from the TV show “Schlag den Raab” will put your general knowledge and skill to the test. With the will to win, ambition and just a little luck, you can beat the host!

PS3, Wii, 3DS, PC
Release date

Key Features

  • 25 (mini-) game contests
    Show your skill, general knowledge and action using the same rules as the TV show. Now with outdoor games!
  • New Team mode
    Two teams of up to four players each can compete using the same rules as seen on the show.
  • Better graphics
    Even better comic character representations of Stefan Raab, Steven Gätjen and Elton in the popular cartoon style from the first game.
  • Authentic TV show atmosphere
    With lots of witty asides spoken by Stefan Raab, Steven Gätjen and Elton.
  • The cult games are back
    “Shame or Cash”, “What is Where” and “Does it Match” with all new questions.
  • The “Driving Test” mini-game
    Including all the questions required to pass the official German driving test (Class B).
  • Interesting background info
    Interesting background info on the TV show that can be unlocked with your winnings from the Jackpot.
  • Full support
    Full PlayStation®Move support in all games (PS3); can also be played with the PS3 controller.

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