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Scotland Yard

Scotland Yard is a great turn based strategy game for the entire family.

The player either plays the reckless thief Mr.X or his dauntless persecutors from Scotland Yard. We adapted the board game classic to Nintendo DS and and added a load of exciting new features, such as a story campaign, new maps and multiplayer duels.

After an incredible heist Mr. X, one of the most wanted criminals of the world, is on the run! All the cleverness of Scotland Yard’s most famous detectives will be needed to hunt him in the cosmopolitan cities London, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam and New York. The detectives as well as Mr. X can use all means of transport available, like taxis, buses, subways and ferries.

The original board game is such a great experience it is no surprise it has been around for over 20 years. It even was awarded the “Game of the Year 1983” when it was introduced to the public, and is still one of the most popular games around.

In the wireless multiplayer mode, players can even exchange messages by simply scribbling them on the map in order to coordinate their moves against Mr. X! And if you thought that a game like Scotland Yard is only fun against human players, try your skills and beat our hefty computer opponents, who are available in several difficulty levels.

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