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Sea Manager

Business and responsibility do not necessarily cross!

Sea Manager lets you assume the role of an executive in the fishing industry. It’s your responsibility to follow your business interest and build your small enterprise into a multinational corporation in a sustainable way. The game covers a span of 30 years, so irresponsible behavior early in the game results in lost business opportunities later on – just as in real life.

The background of Sea Manager lies in the report “Oceans in Peril: Protecting Marine Biodiversity” issued in September 2007 by Greenpeace and theWorldwatch Institute. The report warns against the destruction of oceanic living space and promotes the foundation of nature protection areas on sea.

To support their Defending our Oceans campaign, Greenpeace CEEapproached us with the idea for Sea Manager. The result was this economy simulation that isn’t only fun, but also has a message! This was publically acknowledged with the nomination of the game at the Multimedia and E-Business Staatspreis 2007.

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