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An artwork of Sigils Battle for Raios

Sigils – Battle for Raios

The most dynamic and colorful RPG/MOBA on the iPad.

Throw wild animals with special abilities in a vast and colorful battle arena and you get our RPG/MOBA Sigils!

Not a MOBA as you know it
Sigils combines battle arena style gameplay with a cast of memorable and charismatic champions. Unlike many MOBAs, these champions level up in classic role-playing-game fashion. You as the player have to support your champions in their fight against the evil insect-queen Xestia and her army. Prepare yourself for dynamic and surprising environments and enemies!

Fight together
The game offers an engaging story-mode, which you can play alone or cooperatively with up to two friends. The real challenge waits as soon as you compete with other humans in a variety 3v3 matches! Who will be the best Champion of all time?

Release date
April 2015
Sigils Website
App Store

Key Features

  • Collect heroes
    Start out with one and get more and more champions as you play. Each one has unique strengths, play styles and their own story!
  • Show team spirit
    Fight your way through the dungeons of Raios with your friends and force Xestia’s insect brood back!
  • Show your strength
    Put your skills to the test against other players and climb up the PvP rankings!
  • Improve your champion
    Collect Sigils to improve your Champion to be more resistant or to hit harder!
  • Challenge your friends
    It’s the best experience to beat other players in a game and Sigils is no exception.
  • New Champions
    There will be more Champions in the near future. Be on the lookout for new animals to add to your private zoo!

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