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Silent Hunter Online

An exciting submarine simulation developed together with Blue Byte.

Silent Hunter Online is a free-2-play browser-based multiplayer game, inspired by the highly-acclaimed submarine simulation series.

Strong collaboration
Developed in collaboration with Ubisoft Blue Byte, the renowned studio behind popular PC game series such as The Settlers and Anno, Silent Hunter Online promises players a realistic, constantly evolving submarine simulation unlike any other. If you’re looking for a strong and realistic simulation than this is your game!

Release date
January 2013
Silent Hunter Online

Key Features

  • Stunning battles
    Remain unseen and track convoys through your periscope, carefully plan your attack, and ambush the unsuspecting enemy with deadly force.
  • Authentic boat types
    The Silent Hunter series has always been a benchmark for historical authenticity in gaming. True to this tradition, Silent Hunter Online includes a great number of historical boat types the player can either command – or destroy.
  • Multiplayer experience
    Submarines are hunter and prey at the same time. To stand a better chance against enemy fleets, players can team up online and form wolfpacks. Together they can deploy team tactics, coordinate strategies and attack enemy ships more efficiently.
  • Dynamic campaign
    All players participate in a global campaign and work together to turn the tides of war in their favor. Every individual success will influence the dynamic game world and impact the Battle of the Atlantic.

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