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an artwork of the game skyrama


This 2012 MMO of the Year winner is a Free-2-Play browser game that lets you build and maintain your own airport.

SkyRama is the first Free-to-Play browser game that offers players the opportunity to create their own airport. Interact with friends from all over the world, and send all different kinds of planes to each other.

Fasten your seatbelts
SkyRama offers a unique and compelling approach to cooperative gameplay with an entertaining story. Players start with a small and charming airstrip and develop it into a large and cosmopolitan hub with worldwide connections to all their friends. Following the exiting careers and lives of a small cast of lovely characters like the captain, the luggage hauler, and the stewardess, players grow their airport and become a valued member of the team and their lives. Sending and servicing flights generates income with bonuses for cooperating with buddies. Income can be spent on cool aircraft and improving the airport’s design, gradually unlocking all kinds of wild custom aircraft!


Release date
June 2011

Key Features

  • Build up your airport
    Start with a small one and expand to a vast one like Heathrow or Frankfurt.
  • Social contacts
    Send aircraft to friends and service your friend’s aircraft.
  • From Chesna to Boing
    Lots of different aircraft with individual features.
  • It’s all about motivation
    Daily as well as story driven quests
  • Great variety
    Huge selection of airports and passenger buildings. Many different decoration items and landscapes.

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