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Undercover: Doppeltes Spiel

Classic adventure gaming has arrived on the Nintendo DS! In 1938, Europe is on the brink of World War II, and espionage is rampant all over the continent!

The innocent professor John Russell is suddenly confronted with the fact that he’s being accused of providing the Germans with secret research materials.

Within 24 hours he has to prove his innocence and find the actual spy, or he’ll be hung! Thankfully he is helped by the perky and loyal Audrey, secretary of the research institute’s director.

Play both characters and switch between them at any time, directing them via the touchscreen and stylus. Solve the challenging logical puzzles in this “Who-Dunnit” mystery thriller, and cleverly use the individual abilities of each of the two characters. As an added benefit 10 fun minigames are included, providing high replay value!

Release date
August 2007

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