Sproing is Austria's leading game developer, and a leading independent studio focused on the creation of Free-to-Play games. Founded in 2001, the studio successfully shipped more than 50 console games, and in 2010, began leveraging that experience to become a major creator of Free-to-Play games. The studio's first browser game, SkyRama, was a massive hit. Currently Sproing is working on several AAA browser, mobile and tablet based Free-to-Play games for various top-tier publishers, and is proud to have successfully worked with partners such as Activision, Bigpoint, Gameforge, Ubisoft and Deutsche Telekom. The team is highly passionate about its games and aims to bring fun, deep and exciting gaming experiences to the market.

Our work is based upon three principles:

We deliver on time, and we deliver polished, balanced, finished games. We plan our projects professionally and provide our employees with an environment that empowers them to deliver games they can be proud of.

Sproing operates three teams that have specialized in certain genres. The result is creative titles that deliver on the mission of being high-quality, intuitive and fun. Our team is particularly experienced in working with licensed IPs. We handle these very creatively, always pushing the boundaries on what can be achieved.

We are committed to making good games. Regardless of the size of the project, we always want to be impressed by our achievements. When we finish developing a game, we always want to be able to be proud of the work we have done, which is the cornerstone of our commitment to quality.

Sproing was founded in 2001, by Harald Riegler and Gerhard Seiler, two industry veterans that were developing games together and still own and run the company today. The company has successfully developed and shipped over 50 titles, ranging from very small to large scale games. With experience in games for retail and online, on a variety of platforms such as Wii, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Nintendo DS, PlayStation and the Gameboy Advance, Sproing brings deep understanding of the different audiences within the mass-market to its development and delivers games that resonate with the people they are trying to reach.


Harald Riegler - CEO

Harald is responsible for studio operations including business development, legal and finance. Originally Harald worked as a programmer and a musician, but took over finance and legal when the company was founded, and has worked in this position ever since. Harald is a frequent speaker at industry events, is a board member of GAME, and helped found the European Game Developer Federation EGDF. He is also advisory board member for several industry events.
Johanna Schober - COO

Johanna is responsible for scheduling and keeping projects on time and on budget, process development, growth and team management. She joined Sproing in 2003 and worked as a project manager on several of our high-profile titles before assuming her current role in 2006. Johanna studied economics and information management at FH Salzburg.


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